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Siberian herb Caragana jubata, unique plant from Sayan mountain tables Rhododendron adamsii, paeonia anomala, Siberian Inonotus obliquus, mint and briar.

Resolvent and adaptogen. Healing composition with rare mountain herbs. It’s flavorous dietetic tonic drink with a bioactive substances complex, has a wholesome effect all over the body.

It’s daily dietetic drink. Adaptogen – soothes in stress and tones up in depression. Recovers immunity, rises energy, concentration and life force. It is used at upper airway deseases, promotes improvement of heart and kidneys function, helpful for edema, flu, cold. Have a wholesome effect on nervous system, removes neuroses and insomnia. Normalizes acid level of gastric juice, acts as antitumoral, antigastritic, general health-improver.

Use: 1 teaspoon per 250 ml of boiled water, keep for 30 minutes or double boil for 40-60 minutes. Drink warm or cold 2-3 times in a day 20 minutes before eating in the volume of 150-200 ml. Gargle for flue and sore throat. It’s good for mixing with the Kurilian tea (1:1). Another way of effective using the herbal is: put 1 teaspoon of herbal in a porcelain cup and add 200 ml of boiled water, cover the cup with 2-3 cheesecloth stratums, keep strictly for 5 minutes and then filter it. Take by the following instruction:

  1. Take 10 gulps with 30 seconds interval;
  2. Finish the extract after 5 minutes with 30 seconds interval between gulps.

Contraindications: none.

Storage: keep in dark dry place.


Напитки Ведова для бани
Что пить в бане для здоровья и красоты: худеем и молодеем
Рецепт при бронхо-легочных заболеваниях
Рецепт при бронхолегочных заболеваниях
Травы, о которых ходят легенды
Особенности травяных сборов доктора Ведова
Helpful Advice:
(Health Formula)
как выглядит чай
For whom Especially Helpful For
для всех, кто не спит по ночам
Especially Helpful For
Против опухолей
Для сердечно-сосудистой системы
Для сердца
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