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Dasiphora, licorice root, bidens, raspberry leaf. The base of herbal consists of potentilla fruticosa (dasiphora).

In XVII-XVIII centuries had been used as basis for herbal tea and for struggling heavy food poisoning, acute intestinal infections (dysentery, cholera, tifus).

Licorice root is an antiallergen, with scarring effects on gastric and duodenum ulcer.  Bidens is calming, antihypertensive and cholagogic plant. Raspberry leaf is a vitamins supplement.

Prevention and treatment of hypertension, gastritis, colitis, disbacteriosis, liver and bile ducts diseases.
Can be used for sore throat and stomatitis, burns.

Use: 1 teaspoon per 250 ml of boiled water, keep for 30 minutes or double boil. Drink warm or cold 2-3 times in a day instead of usual tea, to prevent digestion imbalance, as diet drink or in case of indigestion, overeating, after festive meal and food poisoning.

If pressure is low – use by instructions of doctor.  In case of burn moisten it with strong decoction, apply a dressing. Gargle mouth and throat for angina and stomatitis.

Contraindications: pregnancy.

Storage: keep in dark dry place.


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