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Wound healing balsam


Siberian cedar resin has a great healing power and it’s rightly called turpentine, ‘turpentine’ in Russian sounds like “zhivitsa” which means “alive”, it has the ability to heal wounds. Saussurea flower extract improves metabolic skin processes:

  • Siberian larch wood is an antioxidant and vasoprotective
  • common globe thistle extract stimulates the regeneration processes.
  • Mineral nutrient, bicyclic monoterpenes, it’s produced from pine needles, cones, resin and cedar bark

Balsam properties:

Cedar balsam provides wound healing, has anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, antiviral, absorbable effect. It activates and restores tired damaged skin, suffering from external aggressive effects: facilitates skin inflammation, reduces soreness, swelling, significantly improves the condition of the affected tissues, stimulates reparative processes and epithelialization time, has pronounced effect on various skin and mucous membranes injuries, eliminates skin microdamages which can be described as сosmetic defects


Balsam therapy: masks, applications, compresses, wraps, cosmetic products enrichment. Balsam can be used as a perfect face mask.

Vaginal douching with a CEDAR BALSAM diluted in water or WHITE WING (BELOE KRILO) tea (0.5 teaspoon and 250 ml of boiling water). It will cure vaginal yeast infection in 5-7 days.

Pneumonic fever, bronchitis treatment: apply compresses made of a mixture of CEDAR BALSAM with GOLDEN HORIZON MASK(1:1) on the trachea, bronchi and lungs area on the front and sides of the ches.

Wounds, burns treatment: balsam the damaged area 2-5 times a day (mild burning stops after 5-10 minutes). For faster healing, after unction better don’t bandage bleeding wounds and leave them open.

Oral mucosa strengthening: rub balsam into the gums and make applications. After the usual brushing and rinsing teeth drop 1-2 drops of balsam on a washed toothbrush and then rub your teeth and gums. Don’t rinse your mouth after that, and excess saliva can be swallowed. As a result such procedure prevents tartar on the teeth.

Hemorrhoids treatment: insert a tampon soaked with a mixture of CEDAR BALM with balsam GOLDEN HORIZON into the anus.

Colds, rheumatic diseases treatment and also for body toning: take hot baths with 1-2 caps of CEDAR BALM for 15-20 minutes. To improve and lift facial skin, apply CEDAR BALM or its mixture with GOLDEN HORIZON balsam (it’s especially good for dry skin in the form of a mask for 20-30 minutes. Rinse the mask with our LIFTING EFFECT PHYTO TONIC.

Allergic rhinitis treatment: flush your nose with CEDAR BALSAM highly diluted with water (1/3 teaspoon on 250-300 ml of water).

Weak light brown solution of CEDAR BALSAM and water (1 teaspoon per 250-300 ml) helps to cure sore throat (gargling), rhinitis (nose flushing), stomach diseases (drinking) and colonopathy (enema), female inflammatory and fungal diseases (douching and vagina tampons with a mixture of CEDAR BALSAM and GOLDEN HORIZON balsam.


angina, rhinitis, vaginitis, fungal diseases of feet and mucous membranes. Balsam quickly heals wounds, burns, diaper rash, ulcers. It effectively treats female inflammatory diseases, digestive diseases. On wounds it creates a dense dry protective cover. It is specially effective on the oral mucosa: stomatitis, gingivitis, paradontosis.

Contraindications: individual idiosyncrasy to the components.