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Potentilla fruticosa

In XVII-XVIII centuries had been used for making Kurilian herbal tea, treatment of dysentery, cholera, tifus and other acute infections.

Even 1% concentration of the product is helpful in case of strong food poisoning and acute intestinal infections, it kills a vibrio cholerae.

It is active cleansing for digestive tract, helpful for hypertension, food allergy. The product is effective for prevention and treatment of gastritis, colitis, disbacteriosis, liver and bile ducts diseases. It has calming, anesthetic and antitoxic effects.

Use: put 1 teaspoon of herbs in one glass of boiled water, keep for 5-10 minutes. Use instead of usual tea or mix with it. Can be taken as cold as warm. Intensive decoction is helpful outwardly for burns, gargling for sore throat and stomatitis.

Contraindications: individual intolerance.

Storage: keep in dark dry place.


Напитки Ведова для бани
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Особенности травяных сборов доктора Ведова
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Идеально для желудочно-кишечного тракта
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