Dr. Vedov Original Method Of Non-surgical Face And Head Plastics

The unique technique Face plastry was created by Dr. Vedov and involves deep periosteum massage of all types of face and head bones.

This is a non-surgical plastic surgery replacement.

How Does Your Face Age?

  • First of all, the face and head bone structure ages.
  • The microelement composition of bones is changing.
  • Due to the fact that during aging the areas where the musculo-ligamentous apparatus is attached are moving lower, the face structure also becomes lower.

 Aging Layers In Stages:

  • face and head bones
  • nervous and circulatory system
  • musculo-ligamentous system
  • fat layer
  • skin (the last stage of aging)

The same sequence should be followed to influence these systems during the facelifting.

 Faceplastry Procedure Steps

1. Skull symmetry and the correct shape of the bone plates:

Before you start a phased skull regeneration process, it is necessary to adjust the skull shape. Cranial plates can be displaced during falls, bruises, childbirth, it can contribute to the face asymmetry and the disruption of the hemispheres. First of all, we create the symmetry of the cranial bones. Dr. Vedov technique allows you to achieve quick results. The skull symmetry is achieved in 5 minutes, when conventional osteopathic treatment requires 10 - 20 sessions. Working with each skull bone, we influence on  the central nervous system through the restoration of the work of the cerebrospinal fluid inside the head. This system allows you to work on any brain region.

2. Cervical spine сorrection:

The head posture, bearing, neck muscle tone determines the face structure condition. By adjusting the cervical spine, reducing musculo-ligamentous spasms of the cervical-collar zone, first of all, we improve the blood supply to the head. Relaxation from the cervical region goes higher to the head muscles, ligaments and vessels at a deep myofascial level.

3. Face symmetry:

When the skull bones symmetry is achieved, we start working with the face symmetry, sculptural honing of the face disproportion. And this stage of fine face modeling is one of the most interesting. Perfectly correct facial features are not common to find. In fact the origin of the face asymmetry can be both bone-structural and also can have more subtle nature. That is, the face asymmetry fully reflects all the effects on the human brain, on the central nervous system. All hormonal and mental life of a person is reflected on his face. Through the correction of the face asymmetry, it is possible to change a person’s behavioral skills. It causes the change in a person’s reactions to external stimuli. Consequently it is possible to “pull out” of a patient very old personal subconscious stresses and make his psyche more calm and balanced.

The technique allows you to create a completely new face, a new person with a new younger psychostructure, which will be 10-15 years younger than your present condition.

A real example: in a month of face lifting sessions a 60-year-old man with a big and swollen nose got a neat and handsome nose of 25-year-old young man, his face was lifted, his memory significantly improved.


During The Procedure You Get The Regeneration Of:

  • skull bones
  • periosteum

      The periosteum has its own capillary circulatory system. The deep impact on it regenerates and rejuvenates the bone and vascular structure of the head.

  • vessels
  • musculo-ligamentous apparatus
  • cranial nerves, neural connections
  • skin
  • hair


  • lymphatic and venous stasis goes away
  • puffiness disappears
  • the face and head size is close to the head size of a 25 year old person
  • bone growths are eliminated, especially in the chin, brow,eyebrow ridge, front, upper jaw areas
  • gradual lifting of the muscles and skin of the neck, upper jaw, lower jaw, forehead and head
  • wrinkles disappear
  • double chin goes away
  • skin condition changes
  • face rejuvenation

One Of The Dr. Vedov’s Descriptions Of The Patient (Eugene) Treatment :

Having stayed in the lake for 20 minutes in October 8 years ago, my patient had a cold head, and after this cold he had pain in the neck and in the head. These pain hadn’t been removed, and only became stronger every year, none of the doctors could ease the pain. He had to to take painkillers 6 times a day. The pain location was in his ear, neck, and the back of the head. During the first examination with manual palpation, I found musculo-ligamentous strands as thick as a half of a little finger which were in 3 places in the subcutaneous layer in the back of his head. Using the Headplasty technique that I created, I managed to remove these strands in 5 sessions, 10 minutes each. Pain didn’t return any more.