Dr. Vedov Seminar "HEAD PLASTY. Part 2" December 1-2

This seminar will be held on December 1-2 for the first group of students who attended the  Facioplasty seminar on October 6-7 or November 3-4.


At the seminar you will learn the technique of the skull bone correction.


Who is this seminar useful for?

For cosmetologists, massage therapists, osteopaths and for everybody who wants to master a special technique which helps to

  • correct face asymmetry
  • significantly reduce face puffiness
  • completely remove the "age lymphostasis" (ptosis)
  • correct expressionless neck and double chin
  • remove wrinkles, both deep and superficial.


You will learn a face sculpting technique without a scalpel, mesotherapy or botox. The technique also works with the attachment points of the muscles which are responsible for the general tightening and lymphatic drainage of the face.

You will also:

  • study the possibilities of correcting the brain activity functions with the help of facial plastics.
  • learn how to correct face asymmetry
  • learn how to influence all brain regions using Dr. Vedov’s massage technique

The first seminar of Dr. Vedov non-surgical faceplasty school was held on October 6-7, 2018.

The program includes a cycle of 3 seminars, each one lasts 2 days. Each seminar is devoted to working with the bone structure of the head, neck and face and is aimed at developing hypersensitivity of the hands, at creating a new face, modeling new human traits using the unique methodology of Dr. Vedov.

Course program

Seminar 1

is dedicated to deep face correction, learning the technique of working with the periosteum.

You will master the practice of an absolutely unique massage thanks to which you can remove the asymmetry of the face, significantly reduce puffiness, completely remove the “age-related lymphostasis”. Thanks to the nasal cartilage straightening, nasal breathing can be improved, and in some cases it can be completely restored. The program includes the work with a double chin, an inexpressive neck, face sculpting without the use of a scalpel, mesotherapy or botox. Due to the deep effect on the periosteum, massage improves the blood circulation of small vessels which feed the whole face from the periosteum to the upper layers of the skin.

The technique also works with the attachment points of the muscles, which provide a general tightening and lymphatic drainage of the face.

The program allows to study the links between human face symmetry with the mental and hormonal structure of a person, and the examples.


Seminar 2

includes the skullbones correction technique learning. The technique is based on the fact that the scalp muscles and brain membranes innervation is inseparable. This special head massage leads to a multi-component therapeutic effect. Therapeutic actions are scalp muscles relaxation, alignment of the skull bones,blood flow restoration. This relieves the cephalgic syndrome, dizziness,decreases asthenia and maintains the overall tone of the body.

With the help of face plasty you will explore the possibilities of correcting the functions of brain activity. Head asymmetry removal. The ability to influence all parts of the brain through a massage according to the technique of Dr. Vedov.

Practice of the knowledge learned at the first seminar.


Seminar 3

This final stage is devoted to the health of the neck. That means work with the wrong "stiff" muscular corset and with the asymmetric distribution of muscle tone and correction of myofascial syndrome (manifested by a long and painful tension of the underlying deep (autochthonous) muscles of the neck and scalp).

The seminar also provides the cervical vertebrae correction training.

The the correct axis formation at the cervical level is the key to the adequate functioning of the most important neurovascular bundles (carotid and vertebral arteries), and also creates the prerequisites for preventing future degenerative-dystrophic spine changes (osteochondrosis) or correcting existing ones.

Practice of the knowledge learned at the first two seminars.