Rhododendron adamsii

Rhododendron adamsii
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It is unique plant from Sayan mountains – Rhododendron adamsii, herbalists call it “The life prolonger”. It had been using from ancient time as an effective tonic agent that gives stamina and endurance workability. Using adjusting dosage doesn’t cause over excitation, nervosity, rising of pressure and other negative consequences. It increases concentration and vitality.

Acts better than coffee and has not negative consequences. Stimulates heart function, removes high heart-beating, helps for nephritis. It’s recommended for using at flu and U.R.I., relieves hangover effect.

Use: 0,3 teaspoon of crushed herb mix with usual tea or another medicative herb, add lemon, add 250-500 ml of boiled water and keep for 10-15 minutes. Drink warm or cold. Drink not later than 3 hours before sleeping for its strong tonic effect.

At first time it’s recommended to take small portion of Rhododendron adamsii to select individual dosage and do not exceed it. In the future use the herbal regular up to 3 glasses a day with 1-2 days breaks every 7-10 days.

Contraindications: Rhododendron adamsii has number of contraindications – hypertensive disease, hyperexcitability are among them. This herb shouldn’t be taken by pregnant and nursing women and persons who have not reached 18 years old.

Storage: keep in dark dry place.


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