Life Strategy Setting And The Power of Intention

Life Strategy Setting And The Power of Intention


Doctor Vedov
DR. Yury Vedov


Life Strategy Setting And The Power of Intention Life Strategy Setting And The Power of Intention Life Strategy Setting And The Power of Intention Life Strategy Setting And The Power of Intention


Goal Setting, Lifestyle, Life Path Correction

In the Universe there is an immeasurable, indescribable force, which is called Intention, and absolutely everything that exists in the Universe is connected with the intention by strong threads.

Intention is usually understood as a goal or a purpose, accompanied by a firm determination to achieve the desired result. People,who are driven by intention, are described as purposeful, strong-willed individuals who do not allow anything to prevent them from achieving their goal . People usually think so.

Intention is one of the forces that exist in the Universe. When magicians call for intention, it comes and paves the way for goal achievement, which means they always reach the goal

(In life magicians, healers are gifted either by the Creator, they are aimed to give with Love, they receive the energy from the Intelligence and they create, or they pay for the achievement of their goal with their own energy, sometimes with their life.) The power of intention (the power of the Creator) exists in the Universe as an invisible energy field. If this energy is used properly it allows a person to achieve a goal that he can achieve.


Intention is an invisible force field which penetrates any person. And everyone has an opportunity to attract this energy and build his life in a new way.


To awaken the dormant forces you only need to change your opinion about life, your thoughts. You should learn how to control thoughts and to stop their flow, how to set goals in agreement with the will of the Creator and form them in the right way). To start with, you should slowly expand your perception field.


In fact, the activation of the intention energy is the process of connecting to the channel of the Creator, and creating your own integrity (it includes 4 stages).


  1. Body training. This practice is aimed at making make your mind control your body and increase the energy potential.
  1. Wisdom. It  implies introspection, work with thoughts, expanding the sector of perception.
  2. Love. Awareness and acceptance of love as the main power of Creation.
  3. Humility of thoughts, ego, needs. Serving the supreme goals.

(going through 4 “dogs” which disturb any movement - fear, clarity, strength, peace)


How does it relate to an ordinary person? The process develops gradually. If you don’t expand the field of perception there will be no goals, if you don’t work with the goals there will be no awareness of  the existence of values, if you are not aware of the Values the harmony of Soul Body Mind is impossible, and therefore, your connection to the power of intention is also impossible.


All developing, health-improving, cultural practices give an opportunity to realise Values, expand your perception and therefore move forward in creating yourself at different levels (including a financial level because money is the energy of the Universe and it reflects our attitude towards yourself and towards the world).