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The warm, sweet, ripe woody aroma of great cedar takes us back through the ages to the epoch of the biblical king Solomon. Light notes of the mighty needle leaf tree create an atmosphere of confidence and security, respect and trust. The highest quality hydrolate of cedar enclosed in a light glass flacon conceals the calmness of the cedar forest full of delicious aromas, attracts with its silence and fresh air. All the vitality of the cedar makes your skin beautiful and heavenly delicate.

The Cedar Structure light spray is universal and can be used for all purposes. It is easy to keep the spray in a handbag. It will be irreplaceable for regular care during a day.

For hair: an excellent tool for hair care, improves structure and nourishes the roots and gives gloss to your hair.
— Regular care: the spray gives brilliance to dry and damaged hair, prevents it from tangling, makes hair soft. Apply to wet or dry hair in the morning and all day long.
— If you suffer from hair loss, itchy scalp, dandruff and seborrhea apply the spray 2 times a day, easily rubbing it into the hair roots. It is perfect for dry/damaged hair care. You can rub it in the hairy part of head and put on a hat for 20-30 minutes.
— Reduce head temperature.
— Hair mask on Sedar Spray basis amplifies its effect.

For the face: the spray refreshes the face after the make-up removal with ‘Rose petals phyto lotion’. It improves the complexion, causes the cell regeneration. During the day the spray will give “life blood” to your skin, will maintain water balance in cells and fill you with cedar energy till the end of the day.
Problem skin care: the spray has antimicrobial properties and provides the best care for skin which is prone to allergies, acne and rashes. It reduces inflammation, skin peeling and soothe the irritated skin.

For the around eye area: the spray helps to get rid of dark circles, reduces the swelling, strengthens lymphatic drainage and nourishes gentle skin around the eyes. At the end of the day it relieves fatigue and eye tension. Vision improves after long and regalar usage. Spray the liquid on the cotton pads and put them on the eyelid area, keep it for 15 minutes. If you want to get the rejuvenation effect, apply the cream «Shining eyes» on the eyelids after the spray.

Helps to maintain immunity: the product increases the immunity to cold-related diseases. Prescription: take 1 teaspoon of ‘Structure of Cedar’ diluted in 1/3 cup of water 1 time a day before meals.


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