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  • juniper oil removes toxic substances and has a pronounced diuretic effect
  • kelp extract dilates skin blood and subcutaneous fatty tissue vessels, enhancing blood flow to adipose tissue and improving cellular respiration, what is necessary to prepare fatty tissue to the process of splitting fat
  • oregano essential oil has a strong lipolytic effect 
  • fir and pine essential oils eliminate swelling and inflammation
  • chaga extract has anti-inflammatory action
  • comarum root, lemon balm, birch extracts normalize metabolism
  • meadowsweed extract is effective for subcutaneous fatty tissue diseases . • peppermint extract relieves swelling
  • bush cinquefoil extract has immunostimulating, tonic effect
  • fir and pine essential oils improve tissue trophicity
  • siberian phlojodicarpus extract expands peripheral blood vessels


Exclusive lipolytic formula for intensive balsam therapy for trophic problems of the adipose tissue. Balsam normalizes trophic processes, reduces the volume of fat tissue, eliminates the body contours deformation. It increases the skin and muscle frame elasticity, contributes to the disappearance of the «orange peel» symptom, activates metabolism and regeneration. Balsam stimulates lipolysis by reducing body volume, provides skin lifting, reduces strea. It helps your organism to restore a homogeneous structure of the subcutaneous fat fiber. It improves blood and lymph microcirculation. Provides decongestion, effectively removes fluid from the body.

APPLICATION: balsamtherapy: intensive massage of problem areas. After balsam therapy apply anti-cellulite cream.


Чистое удовольствие: капилляротерапия в бане
Лечение целлюлита средствами доктора Ведова
Лечение целлюлита средствами доктора Ведова
Рецепт лечения целлюлита от доктора Ведова
Рецепт лечения целлюлита
Причины возникновения и лечение целлюлита
Причины возникновения и лечение целлюлита