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  • cedar turmentine has antioxidant, antimicrobial and antiviral properties
  • blend of Baikal herbs: bird cherry, field pennycress,wood betony, Baikal skullcap — increase skin elasticity, reduce inflammation and peeling of the skin
  • evening primrose flower extract has rejuvenating effect
  • grape seed oil, peach oil warns wrinkle formation, improves skin resilience and elasticity

Cedar turpentine reguvenating gel activates membrane transfer of anti-aging substances into the skincell. It corrects all biological skin aging aspects. It activates lymph efflux and venous drainage, has a high index deep skin absorption. It provides a real effect of bioactive substances on your organism.

It dilates blood vessels, reduces the permeability of the walls of blood vessels, activates hemolymphatic drainage, detoxicates, eliminates skin inflammation, pain and swelling. It normalizes trophic and metabolic processes, promotes weight loss. Our gel increases resistance to infections, has a powerful antiviral activity. It eliminates puffiness and laxity of problem areas of your skin. It perfectly restores essential supporting elements of the skin, models, even out and rejuvenates skin, due to restoration of natural collagen it reduces wrinkle depth and relief. It has a great antiedemic effect. This gel is also a lifting treatment: it improves elasticity, turgor, freshness, giving

your skin a nacreous glow and smoothness. It creates a powerful antioxidant reserve, enhancing skin protective potential, and provides perfect conditions to stop premature aging

Cedar turpentine is liquid gold from Baikal region.

Cedar turpentine is a resin flowing from tree bark checks, carefully collected in the Baikal region.
It sustains life of long-living cedars, filling the voids in their barks.

Translucid tears which look like amber are frozen in the wind and then turn into stone. Hundreds of diseases can be cured with the help of turpentine, because it has fantastic abilities to heal wounds, and also participates in the process of skin regeneration. Therefore, in cosmetology turpentine has no equal!

All its wonderful power is in its name (‘turpentine’ in Russian sounds like “zhivitsa” which means “alive”), it increases metabolic rate at the cellular level dozens of times, and therefore corrects all aspects of biological skin aging.

Since olden times residents of Siberia know that it has a powerful antiviral effect and increases resistance to infections. It eliminates skin inflammation, pain and swelling.

The Queen of the Siberian forest has detox properties, normalizes trophic and metabolic processes, promotes weight loss.

Its gold invisible film creates a solid frame for your skin, models your skin and evens it out. Inner radiance and freshness, tenderness and velvetiness...Thanks to this cedar beauty you can gift so much to your skin!

Sun drops with coniferous aroma of wild forest in the composition of the gel reduces the wrinkle depth and skin relief, restore natural collagen in cells, remove all signs of premature skin aging.

Our gel with cedar resin is a Siberian forest fairy tale that perform magic for your skin!


Золото Байкала
Живица - жидкое золото Байкала