'ALOE' regenerative cream

Aloe regenerative cream
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Specially prepared water; aloe extract ,olive oil, concentrated active cosmetic vitamin complex; beeswax and emulsion waxes, cosmetic glycerin; water extracts: kelp, bush cinquefoil, fireweed, сaragana jubata, bergenia, mint, camomile, blueberry, birch, lingonberry, St. John’s wort, nettle, dandelion, wormwood, yarrow, thyme, birch tinder fungus; emulsifiers, lanolin, silicone oil, carbomer, methylparaben, triethanolamine, fragrance, propylparaben.

Aloe cream is a natural and life-giving elixir for your skin! There are legends about the unique healing aloe properties. Aloe juice is used in cosmetology since the time of Cleopatra, in Ayurvedic practice, it was acknowledged to be a powerful anti-aging agent. The uniqueness of Dr. Vedov’s Aloe cream: it fits any skin type: it moisturizes and softens dry skin, protects sensitive skin, cleans oily skin. Aloe juice

is a reserve of reviving moisture for your skin. More than 150 useful substances are included in this healing fluid, among them there are enzymes, vitamins, phytoncides, macro- and micronutrients.

Aloe cream is a powerful rejuvenator that slows down the aging process and promotes cell renewal. In each cream drop you can feel a light, delicate scent of early morning Siberian forest, its freshness and coolness give you a charge of energy every day. A forest lily of the valley extract is a secret element of the cream which nourishes the cells with oxygen and stimulates metabolic processes.