'EDELWEISS' dry skin cream

EDELWEISS dry skin cream
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Specially prepared water; medical vaseline, cosmetic glycerin, emulsion and beeswax, cocoa butter; water extracts of: bush cinquefoil, rosebay willowherb, caragana jubata, bergenia, mint, camomile, blueberry, birch, lingonberry, St. John’s wort, nettle, dandelion (root), wormwood, yarrow, thyme, birch tinder fungus; cosmetic stearic acid, fragrance, emulsifiers, cedar nut oil, fir essential oil, wheat germ oil, methylparaben, lanolin, triethanolamine, propylparaben, cosmetic zinc oxide.

The star of Baikal is a delicate flower of Edelweiss. It is not just cream, it is a crown jewel. The silver flower of the baikal plains is fraught with amazing vitality of nature. Ancestral tales say that a beautiful flower emerged from the tears of a beautiful fairy who lived in inaccessible alpine mountains. Falling
in love with a young man, she cried because of her unrequited love for a shepherd who never climbed the mountains. On the places where her tears fell the delicate edelweiss flowers appeared among cold stones.

This mountain flower works wonders with skin cells because this plant can not only survive in extreme conditions but also bloom there under the scorching sun and low temperatures. At any time of the year flower protects delicate skin from natural influences: sun, cold, temperature, wind.

In addition the fragile flower has the highest antioxidant properties, protects skin from free radicals (molecules which are formed in the skin under exposure to environmental factors). But free radicals are the first cause of skin aging. Edelweiss extract also has a regenerative effect on skin cells. In addition, cocoa butter and cedar in the cream enhance lipid metabolism, moisturize and soften the skin. At the same time Dr.Vedov's cream is easily absorbed and does not leave an oily sheen, what mean it’s perfect as a make-up base.

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Ths cream activates the intraepidermal macrophages (skin macrophages) which are responsible for pathogens and toxins excretion.