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Specially prepared water; mineral butter, cosmetic glycerin, emulsion wax and beeswax waxes, cocoa butter; water extracts of bush cinquefoil, fireweed, caragana jubata, bergenia, mint, camomile, blueberry, birch, lingonberry, St. John’s wort, nettle, dandelion (root), wormwood, yarrow, thyme, birch tinder fungus; cosmetic stearic acid, fragrance, emulsifiers, oil sea buckthorn berries extract, methylparaben, lanolin, triethanolamine, propylparaben, wheat germ oil, cosmetic zinc oxide.

A whole laboratory in one elegant cream jar!

A blend of 30 Siberian herbs in strict proportions is a fine alchemy of healing herbs and natural oils from Siberia. It allows us to create the very best care for your skin. You will love the color of delicate baked milk, velvet texture and Baikal herbs captivating aroma! The richness of grape seed oil, lemon balm, olive and buckthorn oils envelope the skin, fill it with luxury and strength!

The whole nature of Baikal is in this cream. You will get perfect nutrition right in the heart of each of your cells, a fount of vitamins and minerals for your skin regeneration and renewal. At the same time, the rich oily structure is quickly absorbed and it leaves no greasy glitter, only a light herbal plume. This cream is a real must have in the autumn-winter period on the dressing table of each Goddess. And by the way, thanks to the luxury oils and beeswax, this cream is just a magic wand for the cracked heel skin, it can relieve any irritation and flaking.

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Ths cream activates the intraepidermal macrophages (skin macrophages) which are responsible for pathogens and toxins excretion.