The rejuvenation clinic of Dr. Vedov and the Anti-age academy are a great research institute of the principles of rejuvenating the body and mind. The best masters from all over the world, the rarest and selected methods are using for achieving the most important goal of human treatment and self-development, rejuvenation and regeneration of all its systems.

There are about 300 scientific and pseudo-scientific hypotheses and theories of aging in the west. They are of great interest from the point of view of the scientific approach.There are ready-made longevity systems and people who have lived more than 300 years using these systems in the east..

Vedov Clinic offers an integrated rejuvenation system. Methods for eliminating the causes of aging (according to Western theories) have been improving in our clinic for many years. We get positive results using the best oriental and western techniques. We assemble into a coherent system the rare, hidden from the eyes of most people methods, psychophysical knowledge, the development of various countries, personal research and integrate them with new world technologies.