Back Walking Massage

Back Walking Massage


Болотбекова Айдана
Болотбекова Айдана
Лола Юсуфовна
Лола Юсуфовна


Рецепт лечения при густой крови от доктора Ведова
Рецепты при сгущении крови
Казачье дыхание
Древнерусские истоки казачьего дыхания. Секретные техники русских богатырей

The deepest massage type! Proper back and body walking massage is one of the most relaxing procedures. The secret is the relaxation of each muscle layer, mental tension release.


Back Walking Massage Treatment:

  • deep muscular-ligament relaxation
  • layered muscle relaxation
  • get rid of external and internal muscle blocks
  • deep pressing on all parts of the body
  • influence on the periosteum
  • increasing of joint flexibility
  • energy flow recovery


  • muscle hypertonia
  • lack of muscle and joint flexibility
  • age problems (the main problem of aging is the age-related lack of joint flexibility, when the energy flow is blocked)
  • majority of spine problems

 Medical contraindications:

  • thrombophlebitis
  • complicate varicose veins
  • high blood pressure
  • oncology

Good for athletes (in order to release high speed of all parts of the body and develop flexibility, it is necessary to remove both external and  internal muscular-ligamentous blocks - this can only be done through the deep back walking massage)

Additional massage effect is achieved directly due to the weight of the massage therapist, all body muscles are worked at by the massage master, blood circulation improves, metabolism becomes normal, the body lightness appears, muscle spasms and articular blocks are removed without side effects.  Walking massage has effect on the muscular, skin and subcutaneous, ligamentous-articular and muscular-ligamentous apparatus in comparison with classical massage types. Due to the deep fulling of the body all the functions of the musculoskeletal system and its interaction with other systems of the body are quickly restored. The back and body walking massage technique can be practised both for the deep internal stresses removal and for effective treatment of the body. So, the healing effect of this massage can be achieved very fast.

 What body systems are effected:

  • muscles
  • ligaments, tendons
  • periosteum
  • bones
  • joints
  • meridians