DR. Yury Vedov

Dr. Yury Vladimirovich Vedov is the Head Physician and the founder of the rejuvenation clinic in Russia, Moscow, which is known as ‘Vedov Сlinic’. Also he founded the Anti-Age Academy in Moscow.

— Doctor Vedov is known as the author of his own system of rejuvenation. He is also known as the creator of his own lines of medical cosmetics, medicines.

— Doctor Vedov has his own cosmetic factory: he invented more than 90 formulations of rejuvenating medicines and cosmetics based on natural herbal components: herbs, resins, essential oils from the Baikal region, Siberia. He has his own recipes and methods of balsamotherapy and capillarotherapy. 

— Doctor Vedov is a gerontologist, immunotherapist, dermatologist, pharmacist, doctor of Psychological Sciences.

— He is the master of more than 200 techniques of healing and rejuvenation of the body.  


  • Doctor Vedov has graduated from the Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University. (RNRMU). It is one of the largest medical universities in Russia and Europe. Moscow.
  • Graduated from the Medical College №1 in Irkutsk.
  • Studied in Ayurvedic College in India (Punjab, Chandigarh)
  • Graduated from the St. Petersburg Theological Seminary (St. Petersburg Theological Academy of the Russian Orthodox Church).
  • Graduated from Institute of Asian and African Studies, Lomonosov Moscow State University — Institute of Oriental languages (IAAS)
  • Graduated from Institute of Philology, Foreign Languages and Media Communication – a branch of the Moscow State Linguistic University. He finished two faculties at the same time.

Doctor Vedov owns the following methods and techniques for treatment of patients:

  • Pulse diagnostic, different types of device diagnostics;
  • Diagnostic of human talents, help in finding one’s destination;
  • Non-surgical facioplasty, head plastic, cranial fixing; facelift (face correction), nose correction (non-surgical rhinoplasty), craniotherapy;
  • Neck massage, neck fixing, atlas fixing;
  • Craniosacral therapy; osteopathy;
  • Visceral therapy, belly massage; diaphragms treatment
  • Capillarotherapy, balsamotherapy;
  • Immunotherapy;
  • Cosmetology;
  • Feet, vacuum, berber, philippino hilot massages;
  • Ways of cleansing: the mouth, the nasopharynx, stomach, intestines, gall bladder, blood; cleansing from micosis, viruses and parasites;
  • Device treatment methods;
  • Methods of self-regulation, psychotechnics, methods of breathing and energy control.

About the rejuvenation system

The first four parts of Dr. Vedov’s rejuvenation and longevity system include the listed techniques.

The system  includes both physical cleansing and treatment of the body, as well as more subtle mental processes, such as the ability to control the body, blood formation, body temperature, the ability to expand, narrow blood vessels, suspend heartbeat, the ability to concentrate on mental centers, redistribute energy and so on.

More facts:

  • Doctor learned 12 foreign languages, speaks in active form: English, French, Spanish, Old Slavonic, Ancient Greek, Hindi, Latin. In the passive form: Japanese, Chinese, Bulgarian, Greek, Italian.
  • He spent four years in Orthodox monasteries, he had been teaching religious education courses and catechesis for adults and children for 3 years.
  • Dr. Vedov has spent in the ashrams of India six years. He began the research of Eastern practices learning Ayurveda, then studied Yoga, the art of contemplation and meditation. He learned the classical Indian school, then the Chinese school: Qigong, Tai Chi Quan.
    Doctor continues to study and communicate with many famous Masters of India and China. Among them:
    — Pilot Babaji, one of the leading teachers of Himalayan yoga in India. Indian Guru and doctor Vedov knows each other since 1994.
    — Shailendra Sharma — Kriya Yoga Guru;
    — Joe Yi from China —Master of Tai Chi Chuan; Doctor had been practicing with him for 7 years;
    — Liu Guanglai — Master of Chen style; Doctor had been practicing with him for 3 years;
    — Lee Gunn Chen — Master of Baguazhang;
    — Brahmarishi Vishvatma Bauraji (the Master left his body in 2000) is a favorite teacher, next to whom Yuri Vedov spent many years.


Traveling to schools and monasteries all over the world more than 30 years, Yuri Vedov develops his own system of rejuvenation and longevity, adapted for residents of the modern metropolis and on the basis of this knowledge doctor collects materials on geriatrics for his:

 ‘People who are over 200 years old.’

A brief excerpt from the autobiography:

‘…Doctor Vedov was born in the Baikal region, in Siberia. From his very childhood, he understood and finely felt the nature and herbs around. He knew how to use which herb and for which organ and system of a man. Immersion of the future doctor in medicine and treatment of people began from herbalism. Since his childhood, he has been collecting herbs and preparing herbal extractions and healing decoctions from them.

At the age of 12, the boy began to immerse himself in psycho-training, contemplation and meditation for many hours every day. Going deep into himself, he had learned to stop the heartbeating and change other processes in his body by the age of 13. One year later he could feel the energy of the surrounding nature, the information embedded in the water, Yury could watch the history of the places that surrounded him. Later, it helped him to find precious medical products, which were hidden in the thickness of the earth in the form of minerals. Understanding the energy of nature helped the future doctor in the designing of therapeutic low-frequency devices that can clear the space...’


‘I thank all people who gave me love and supported me during my life, who were kind to my undertakings and were happy to see my successes, who taught me, with whom I had a chance to cooperate and share knowledge and experience.

Among these very important people in my life, my dear parents are the first: Vladimir Petrovich and Antonina Ivanovna. And my dear teachers, friends and partners: Galina Shibarovskaya, Sergey Dergachev, Andrey Milyanuk, Pilot Babaji, Shailendra Sharma ji, Joe Yi, Liu Guanglai, Lee Gunn Chen, Brahmarishi Vishvatma Bauraji.’


Yury Vedov